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Oregon B400E 2.4Ah Battery Pack

The B400E 2.4 Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack is engineered with premium cell technology for increased endurance, power, and..


Oregon B600E 4.0Ah Battery Pack

The B600E is the highest capacity battery available for the OREGON® Cordless Tool System. Offering 66% more run time t..


Oregon C750 Rapid Battery Charger

The C750 cuts charging time as much as 75% for less downtime. The Rapid Charger is equipped with thermal and over-volt..


Stihl AL 100 Standard Battery Charger

Standard charger for Stihl battery packs AP80 and AP160, with operating indicator. 230 Volt  If you wa..


Stihl AL 300 High Speed/Rapid Battery Charger

The AL 300 quick charger is suitable for STIHL battery packs AP 80, AP 160 and AP 180. The AL 300 quick charger takes 50..


Stihl AL 500 Quick Battery Charger

The AL 500 is a hi-speed charger for STIHL professional lithium-ion batteries, the AP 180 and AR 900. The AL 500 takes..


Stihl AP 100 Battery

Compatible with the STIHL cordless power system. Light weightm 36v Lithium-Ion PRO battery with charge level indicator..


Stihl AP 200 Battery

36 V, 4.0 ah Lithium-Ion battery. The AP 200 offers excellent run times on our cordless tools. The battery has an inte..


Stihl AP 300 Battery

Powerful 36 V, 6.0 ah Lithium-Ion battery. The AP 300 is STIHL's most powerful handheld battery, offering increased ru..


Stihl Battery Belt

Robust and ergonomically shaped belt with storage for STIHL lithium-ion batteries to make work even easier. Carry the ba..


Stihl Battery Belt Bag

Additional bag for attaching to the battery belt. Can be used to carry more batteries or other accessories such as sungl..


Stihl Battery Belt Harness

Comfortable harness for ergonomic working. Easily attached to the battery belt.If you want to check stock availability t..